How long do the sauces keep, once opened?

They stay fresh for 7 days in the fridge. If you want to keep them longer you can put them in a freezer bag and freeze them for up to 6 months.

How long can I keep unopened sauces?

The shelf life of an unopened jar is 2 years from the date of manufacture. Please check the “best by” date.

Do I have to dilute the sauces?

No, the sauces are ready to go. But you may want to add a few table spoons of water while cooking if they get too thick.

Are your sauces made in America?

Yes, all of our products are made in America by American workers.

Do your sauces contain any preservatives or other artificial ingredients?

No. All our sauces are Organic Certified and there is nothing artificial in them. Only fresh, yummy ingredients.

The saturated fat in the curries, isn’t that bad for you?

In fact, the saturated fat in our Curries comes from the coconut milk. There are different types of saturated fat. Most of the fats we consume are long chain fatty acids that must be broken down before we can absorb them. Coconut oil is high in short and medium chain fatty acids. That means they are easily digestible. And furthermore, coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

For more information please go to Wikipedia or Here.

What is Guar gum and what is Locust Bean gum?

Both of these products are plant based, vegan and gluten free. We only use Organic gums to stabilize our sauces
and avoid separation. For more information please go to these links: Guar Gum, Locust Bean Gum.

Is it true that Curry sauce has several health benefits?

Yes, we strongly believe so. Here a short list of just a few spices that we use in our Curries and their respective
properties (these claims are of course not approved by the FDA, nevertheless we believe that thousands of years
of successful Alternative medicine can’t be wrong):


Curry’s main ingredient is recognized by its yellow color. A member of the ginger family and also known as Curcuma, Turmeric has long been associated with its healing properties. Used as a common antiseptic in India, Turmeric is used regularly to treat damaged skin such as cuts or burns. It’s even being touted as a possible cure for Alzheimer’s disease.


Cinnamon is a natural antioxidant.

Black Pepper

Black pepper has a very long history of medical benefits, the list goes like this: Alleviates hemorrhoids, Alleviates gas, helps constipation, improves digestion, improves poor appetite, promotes sweating, promotes urination, anti-bacterial effects, natural anti-oxidant, and everyone’s favorite; helps breaking down fat cells.


Allspice is also known as Jamaican pepper or Myrtle pepper. Good for digestive problems.


Cardamom is used traditionally in Chinese medicine to treat digestive problems.

My grocery store doesn’t carry Curry Love. What can I do to change that?

Please click on this link. Print and sign the form and give it to your store manager.

The Yellow Thai curry in my cupboard has kind of separated. Is it still ok to eat?

Yes, a bit of separation is the result of our using high quality coconut milk and creamed coconut. We don’t want to use excessive amounts of guar gum and therefore the curries might separate due to temperature changes. Just shake it up and enjoy. By the way, the Best by Date is printed on the jar.